Selling Your Home

Common Questions and Concerns

How long is the listing term?

Our listing contract is for six months. We know that you will be happy with our services. At the same time, if something does come up and you wish to cancel prior to receiving an offer on the property, you may cancel without any penalty or obligation! We offer an Easy Exit Listing Agreement for that very purpose along with our Weekly Communication Guarantee.

Let’s list high we can always come down later.

We understand that you may want to list at a higher price to leave some room for negotiating. At the same time, one of two things may happen: First, buyers and agents will skip properties if they feel that they are overpriced in any way; and Second, Agents will show your property and then say to their client(s), “if you like this property, you’re going to love the one down the street even more at a more attractive price”. Would you rather have your property used as leverage to sell your neighbor’s property, OR, would you rather be positioned competitively to be the next one that sells?

Another agent said they could get me more money.

An agent that will list your property higher than market value assumes they can take the listing now and start beating you up on the price week after week! They are afraid to tell you the truth upfront and that should be a red flag for you.

The other agent said they would reduce their commission.

We agree that your primary goal in selling the property is to net the most money possible. Now, when we sell a house, or indeed when we sell anything for that matter, we net the most money by maximizing exposure. So 100% exposure equals top dollar. Now, consider that real estate agents, and buyer’s agents in particular, they don’t have much influence over what a customer buys, at the same time, they certainly have influence over what they see and then sell. For example, let’s imagine that you’re a 100% commission based real estate salesperson and you bring your Buyer clients into this neighborhood where there are 3 homes for sale – one is offering a full 3% commission, one is offering 2.5% and another is offering 1.5%. Now, naturally, you are going to be the most excited to show the 3% one because you will make the most money. So it’s important to realize that offering a lower commission would actually limit your exposure and based on that decreased exposure, do you think that would net your top market price?

What do you do to sell houses?

There are two types of real estate agents. There are passive agents and there are ACTIVE agents. We are active agents. When you sign the contract with us, we will spend our time actively and aggressively marketing your property so that it sells quickly and for the most amount of money. You want a team that knows how to find buyers for your property and will actively work to go out and find them every day.

What To Expect

While selling your house can be an exciting time, it can also be a little stressful. These tips will help you prepare for what to expect during the time that your house is for sale.

Constant Contact with Bobby

We will send you via email a weekly report indicating how many online showings your property has received for the week, including any agent feedback we received. in addition to the weekly email, we will contact you via telephone regularly to discuss our marketing efforts on your property as well as changes in market conditions and any suggestions moving forward.

Updates of New Competition

You will be registered on our Multiple Listing Service (MLS) system to receive emails any time a new property that is considered “competition” for your house becomes available.

Showing Assist Services

When a potential buyer for your house wants to set up a viewing, their agent will contact “Show Assist” (our automated system for setting up showings and viewings) to schedule the appointment. We will then call you to make sure the time and date are satisfactory for you and your family. It is extremely important that you try and make your house very accessible for every appointment. Agents do not always give a lot of notice when scheduling showings for their buyers, so please understand if there is short notice. Even if the house is not in perfect showing shape it is best to still let the agent come. However, when possible have the house clean, free of any clutter and turn on all of the lights for showings. This allows for the house to look better and potentially be the difference between your house selling versus the competition.

Pets and Small Children

A lot of times, other agents do not make it to the appointment at the time they originally stated. Since this is sometimes the case, please feel free to stay in the house until the agent arrives. At that time, it is best to gather up the kids and/or pets and let the buyers look at your house privately. This allows for them to not feel rushed and they can be open and honest with their agent.

Cancelled or ‘No Show’ Appointments

Unfortunately, there will be times when you’ve gotten your house cleaned up and ready to show just to find out that the agent has cancelled the showing or worse yet, doesn’t show up at all. This is something that is uncontrollable and comes with the territory of selling a house. Please understand, this is part of the process.

Agent Previews

Occasionally, an agent may show up to your house without buyers. This is called an agent preview. Many times these agents are previewing your house to see if it fits their buyer’s needs. While we usually know that a showing is a preview it is not always the case. Again, this is part of the process.


Influencing The Sale Of Your Property

Your house will need to be uniquely positioned to create maximum interest and help produce the highest possible financial return. Although the listing price you place on your property will influence its sale, there are many other factors that come into play. Some of these factors are within your control, others are not. Examples include:

Factors Not Within Your Control

Factors Within Your Control

  • Your property’s location
  • Recent property market values
  • Expired listings with multiple price revisions
  • Economic and housing market conditions
  • Absorption rate
  • Interest rates
  • Current competition
  • The listing presentation price and terms of sale
  • Your property’s distinctive and compelling attributes
  • The physical condition of your property (house and grounds)
  • The ready access to your property for showings
  • The selection of the real estate professional you choose to represent you