Hoboken, a hidden Gemstone? Winner of 2014’s People’s Choice Award for Great Downtowns in NJ, this city packs a lot of punch into its one square mile. Less than a mile from NYC, Hoboken, the “Mile Square City” lies deceivingly calm across the Hudson River but with a fabulous history. It birthed America’s greatest pastime, “baseball” in the 1840’s and later, to Frank Sinatra, one of the most successful recording artist and actor with over 150 million records sold worldwide. Originally an industrial town to production plants: Lipton Tea and Maxwell’s production plants, Hoboken has resurged as a gentrified urban town by real estate speculators, transplanted New Yorkers and internationals seeking waterfront real estate opportunities and home to its residents, whose estimated median income is now over $106,000.

If you’re considering renting or owning a home in Hoboken, you’ll enjoy the large selection of contemporary to historical architectures to choose from. Brownstones and townhomes on tree lined streets with architectural details and wrought-iron fences are historically preserved with pride. Smaller Condo buildings only a couple of blocks away from the city’s center create that Melrose Place feel. Modern high-rises with fabulous views of the NYC Skyline and the Hudson River dot the Hoboken skyline. And for even more sophisticated residents seeking that ultra chic NYC living, hotel residency is another option along the waterfront!

For a city of just over 52,000 residents, it enjoys a number of trendy, vibrant downtown business area of restaurants, lounges, pubs and cafes, eclectic food markets, hardware stores and trendy boutique shops that offer bridal, formal, casual chic to multinational retail chains. Beautiful parks with pet arenas, waterfront walkway, movie nights on the pier and several annual street festivals create a small hometown community in a city a stone’s throw from Manhattan. You can see why it’s one of the fastest growing downtowns in the state and an inspiration for other downtowns to emulate.

Hoboken becomes increasingly popular every year as suburbanites, New Yorkers and internationals continue to see the value of residing in Hoboken for work, school and tourism and its proximity to commuting to NY. The Hoboken Terminal built in 1907 and now, a national landmark, is the only active passenger train terminal on the Hudson waterfront. One of the oldest transportation hubs in the NY metropolitan area, it services over 50,000 commuters daily from the city, its neighboring towns and acts a conduit to rail stations throughout the state. So no matter where you’re headed or whatever your destination may be: the airports, NYC, the Jersey shore or West of the city, rail is a great way to travel! If you miss the rail to NY’s Penn Station, take the NY Waterways ferry or take the PATH station! Leave your cars home and walk to work! Also, dubbed “walker’s paradise”, Hoboken has the highest walk able score by walkable.com in the US!

Enjoy Hoboken and start discovering its distinctive luxury homes and value for your real estate investment!
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