Renting Your Home

When it comes to working with investors you’re in great hands. My career in real estate began in the property management industry for a large developer in the Metro area. Effective in leasing out the entire inventory in record time, I quickly learned to manage the day to day complexities of investment properties. Over the past decade and a half, I’ve successfully assisted in all facets of the rental market in various buildings for my investor clients. From condos to private homes to multi-unit buildings, I have the experience and knowledge to handle your investment properties.

Additionally I offer an established network of contractors and home service providers who can assist with property improvements and repairs to maximize your investment returns. Let my experience show you the positive aspects of effective property service and finding the right solution. Call me at 201.232.7300 or send an email with inquires and rental property assistance.

If being a landlord was so easy, everyone would opt to own a rental property. The truth of the matter is, finding the right tenant can be a challenging and time consuming task. Here’s a list of services I cover just to find prospective tenants for landlords:

  • Effective and comprehensive marketing plan to advertise the rental property.
  • Handle calls, emails and liaison to arrange showings between current tenants, prospective tenants, and landlords.
  • Secure background, credit, criminal, employment and/or reference checks.
  • Negotiate lease terms and create a lease.
  • Resolve any property repair issues should any exist prior to move in.
  • Handle Move-in/Move-Out procedure and key transfers.
  • Follow up with all parties to maximize client satisfaction and retention rates within the property.

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